Monday, August 16, 2010


Rosebud by Joyce Brandstetter Couch
This is not just a ''oops'' but a major ''oops!'' I have been working hard,'' taking advantage of the world wide web'', to get my art seen. I built a website, took to blogging, got on Facebook, entered Facebook art groups. Now, I find out that it is not appropriate to use the word ''gallery'' in an artists website or blog. As I have used the word ''gallery'' in both my website and my blog. My website and blog are also on my business cards. I have some major decisions to make and work ahead of me if I decide to give them both a new name. I can either act innocent and leave things as they are or make all the changes that are necessary to be appropriate. While I want to appear professional and do things appropriatly, if I change my blog name the result will be that I loose my followers. And there is the wasted business cards. I think I will need to think this over and weigh the pros and cons. I would like to hear what other artists and galleries think about this.

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